The Best Color Prediction Game In India, Mantrimall

The Best Colour Prediction Game In India

The Best Colour Prediction Game In India 2022-23. Download The Trusted Color Prediction Game Apk. Colour Prediction Game Registration Link. Get All Details About Mantrimall Colour Prediction Game And Registration.

You could make some extra money with color prediction game if you have good forecasting skills! You might be able to leave with some extra cash in your pocket if you put your skills to the test. It doesn’t matter if you have luck choosing colors or just have a good sense of what will happen.

A fun and compelling way to evaluate your color knowledge is to play the Mantri Mall color prediction game. Mantri mall color guessing is a lucrative game. Mantri Mall Color Prediction Game is a prediction game in which you must guess the correct color or number, select the correct color, and earn a lot of real money. There are three colors and ten numerals available; you may select any color and number. If you choose the appropriate color, you can double your investment, and if you choose the perfect number, you can obtain a 9x return.

The app asks you to predict the next color after displaying a random collection of colors. The app gives you points when you correctly guess, but deducts points when you guess incorrectly. The test is to guess as many colors as you can in 15 seconds.

What is a color prediction game?

A color prediction game is a form of gambling app in which you may put bets to guess the correct color or number. Players win money by correctly estimating the color and number. You may also earn additional money if you refer someone to the site or app.

You will receive a 30% commission if your referral recharges for the first time. Most color prediction games feature three colors RED, GREEN, and PURPLE, as well as 0 to 9 digits. If you forecast correctly, you will be paid twice or seven times your investment. The following part will explain how the color prediction game formula works.

How to play a color prediction game?

The color prediction games system operates automatically 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The developer built the algorithm to create random colors and numbers each time so that the player could never guess the correct color and number, however, various hacks can defeat the system.

You may learn more about this in the color prediction game hack & techniques part of our blog. There are several color prediction games available on the market, with the Mantri Mall app being the oldest and most popular.

How to Register for the MantriMall Game App

1. Register for the MantriMall game app. Click Here To Register

2. Sign up using your mobile number.

3. Provide a Mobile Number for OTP Verification.

4. Finish with Success! Your MantriMall Game App Account Must Be Logged In.

5. Join Official Telegram Prediction Channel. Join Here

Finished! Receive a 199 sign-up bonus that will be credited to your account.

The concepts of the color guessing game

Green, Violet, and Red are the three colors.

  • If you pick Green and Red, you can win 2x your investment, and if you choose Violet, you can win 4.5x your investment.
  • You may select many numbers at the same time; if you select the correct number, you can make 9 times return.
  • For example, if you spend 100 rupees and choose the correct number, you can earn 900 rupees, a 9-time return.
  • The numbers 2,4,6,8 were RED, whereas the numbers 1,3,7,9 were GREEN.
  • Number 0 came in RED and VIOLET, while number 5 came in GREEN and VIOLET.
  • The price would be cut in half if numbers 0 and 5 came with Red Violet and Green Violet.

Hack for the color prediction game

If the initial result is red and number 4 appears, you must place 40 rupees on the green in the following game and 10 rupees on every number that comes with red (2,6,8) except the number that came first. You can win 100% of the time and make a lot of money by employing this strategy.

To Play the Color Prediction Game

  • Go to the App/Website List
  • Create a New Account and Enter the Referral Code
  • Using the Referral Code, you will receive a free bonus.
  • You may play the Color Prediction Game App for free with this bonus.
  • You have three options in this game: Red, Green, and Violet Predicate 1 Color.
  • Ordering takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • The lottery result will be shown in 30 seconds.
  • It is open all day.
  • The total number of trades is 480.

That’s all there is to it. Have fun with your loot.

Mantrimall color prediction game and its features

Mantri Mall is a reputable and real color prediction game. It is a new variant of earning platform where users may make money online by playing prediction games. In the prediction game, you must choose a different color button from the game area, and the winning money will be displayed within a few minutes.

You may purchase jewelry such as earrings, rings, diamond necklaces, and much more on this site. Aside from that, Mantrimall offers the opportunity to earn money from home, but users must first load their balance before beginning the prediction game. Furthermore, if you use this site, we recommend that you practice the prediction games before depositing your money.

Features of Mantrimall color prediction game

1. Telegram prediction channel

If you enjoy playing color prediction games, you should join the Mantri Mall Telegram prediction channel. If you continue to have problems with the Telegram channel, you may submit a message to the Channel admin, who will do their best to fix your concerns as quickly as possible. Because the channel has a vast user base (1.3K+ subscribers), it also gives excellent tips and tricks for users to earn extra money in their free time.

2. Refer and Earn

  • Get Rs 138 for Referring Friends.
  • Customers who play a prediction game on the Mantri Malls app will receive incentives.
  • If a friend enters the referral code, the referrer will receive Rs 138 in their Mantrimalls app account.
  • The user’s money cannot be redeemed for less than Rs 230.
  • When you redeem your funds to your bank account, you will be charged a tax.

3. Daily 4 times prediction

The Mantimalls make predictions for you FOUR times every day. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee that all predictions are right; however, direct predictions are 90% reliable. However, to excel in the game, you should not rely too heavily on predictions. You must comprehend the game and attempt to predict the color yourself.

4. Instant withdrawal and recharge

You can withdraw funds by going to the “withdrawal” section. The smallest amount that may be withdrawn is Rs.100. To withdraw winnings, you must play the game. Mantri Mall Website will reimburse you after 24 hours of your withdrawal. Mantri Mall will pay you immediately into your bank account or Paytm.

Colour prediction game FAQ

1: What is mantrimall

Mantrimalls is a color prediction game in which players compete to gain extra cash by accurately predicting which color would appear next. The more points you get, the larger your potential profits.

2. How to earn with mantrimall

If you want to play any color prediction game and earn additional money without investing, sign up for a free account using the login links provided in the app and website list section, and then invite your friends and relatives. As a result, the more you promote the app, the more money you will receive from MantriMall.

3. How to withdraw the earnings from mantrimall

You can withdraw funds by going to the “withdrawal” section. The smallest amount that may be withdrawn is Rs.100. To withdraw winnings, you must play the game.

  • Open the Mantrimall Apk and select Withdraw.
  • Then provide your bank account information or UPI Id to get funds.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click the Submit button.
  • The smallest amount that may be withdrawn is Rs.100.

5. What is the minimum recharge in Mantrimall?

You must have a minimum recharge of 200 rupees in mantrimall. There is no such limit placed by the MantriMal. App when it comes to the maximum amount. You can withdraw the entire amount of money in your account.


Color prediction games are becoming more and more well-liked because they give players the chance to not only have fun but also earn some extra money. These games work by allowing players to make predictions about which colors will be popular in the future. If the players are successful in correctly predicting which colors will be most in demand, they have a chance to win a sizable prize. If you’re looking for a way to make more money while also having fun, you should think about playing a game of color prediction.

We discovered that Mantri Mall is the greatest color prediction platform currently after conducting extensive research and playing color prediction games on numerous platforms. We recommend that gamers join this game because of its easy procedure to pay and instant payment. Mantrimall Club also offers additional perks that other color game platforms do not.

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