How To Play Colour Prediction Game And Earn 50000/Day

How To Play Colour Prediction Game

Learn how to play colour prediction game and earn minimum 5000 or 50000 every day without any loss. In this post we are going to share you how to exactly play colour prediction game and earn huge profit.

First you must understand how colour prediction game work and its rules. We will share all the information that you need to start playing.

What is Colour Prediction Game And Its Rules?

Colour prediction games are the current popular way to make money online in India. It is an online betting game or lottery game. We have to invest certain amount of money to a colour or number. There is a lottery result every 3 minutes. If your prediction was correct, then you will get paid double amount.

There are mainly three colours in this game, red, green and violet. We can also bet on numbers. Read all the game rules below.

How To Exactly Play This Game?

3 minutes 1 issue, 2 minutes and 30 seconds to order, 30 seconds to show the lottery result. It opens all day. The total number of trade is 480 issues

If you spend 100 to trade, after deducting 2 service fee, your contract amount is 98:

1. JOIN GREEN: if the result shows 1,3,7,9, you will get (98*2) 196If the result shows 5, you will get (98*1.5) 147

2. JOIN RED: if the result shows 2,4,6,8, you will get (98*2) 196; If the result shows 0, you will get (98*1.5) 147

3. JOIN VIOLET: if the result shows 0 or 5, you will get (98*4.5) 4414. SELECT NUMBER: if the result is the same as the number you selected, you will get (98*9) 882

How To Play Colour Prediction Game Without Any Loss

If you are planning to predict yourself, then you must analyze deeply its trends. But it takes more time and effort. We suggest you join the colour prediction game’s official telegram group and follow their prediction to earn money.

Finding the best colour prediction game is very hard because there are hundreds of scammers. Based on our experience and daily updates we can share you one of the most trusted colour prediction game which you can join.

You can Register here for the trusted colour prediction game and also join its telegram prediction group here

Fund Management Technique In Colour Prediction Game

Without proper fund management you will lose your money. Here we suggest you to use Triple Investment Plan. That means, If you lose Rs.10 in a bet then you must invest Rs.30 in the next bet. So that you can cover your loss and earn a profit.

See image below of fund management

colour prediction game

So your investment must be 3640 or 7280 or 10920 or 14560 or 18200 or 21840 or 25480 or 29120 or 32760 or 36400.

We strongly suggest you that do not go to play without minimum investment. You will lose your money. You can simply recharge your wallet with 100 initially for a learning purpose. After that you can invest huge money and earn huge money.

Profit/Earnings Per Day Based On Investment.
Investment plan

Your income is fixed according to your selected investment plan. You can withdraw your earnings every day. Then why are you waiting? start making money now. Join Our Telegram Group


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