30 Most Popular Affiliate Programs To Make Money

Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketing is a simple way for bloggers and website owners to make money from your blog. Instead of having to develop their own products, affiliates just have to place ads on your blogs for other merchants ’products. The good news is that even small business owners can make money from writing their content.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction allows affiliates to earn commissions by scheduling traffic and results for advertisers on their website or blog. The program provides a Pay Per Call solution that allows affiliates to advertise an advertiser’s products or services through toll-free numbers that can be tracked through a variety of distribution channels.

Booking.com Affiliate Program

If you have a travel blog, why not try to make money out of love for your travel needs by joining the Booking.com Affiliate Marketing program? Once you have registered with the affiliate network, you have the opportunity to place a search box, link or banner on your site. The commission is at a different level than 25 – 0 – 50 missed bookings per month, 40% – a fee of 501 or more stalled bookings per month.

Covert Kit

The Convert Kit is a great resource for earning commissions through blog advertising. Bloggers can earn a generous 30 bonus to anyone they refer to the site.


VigLink claims it can turn your content into a thriving ecommerce business. This Affiliate Network identifies the commercial products mentioned on your site and automatically turns the content into a monetized link. Every time someone makes a purchase with this link on your website, you earn a commission.

Climb the material

Do you have a blog related to women’s issues and lifestyle? If so, you can get money from Escalate Media. Partners can join a network that primarily offers family-friendly items such as coupon images and surveys. All income earned from the program is paid monthly through PayPal.


Swoop is designed especially for food bloggers. Simply place the code in the title of your food blog and Swoop will embed the ad in the content of your blog where it will find the best contextual match. Revenue is generated by clicking on the Swoop link on your site.


ClickBank is an established Affiliate Network program with digital products such as software, e-books, and membership sites. The program has tens of thousands of products available to bloggers to advertise on their site, which states to offer up to 75% rewards.


CommissionFactory is an affiliate program that focuses on e-commerce and e-commerce. They are based in Australia and are strong in the Asia-Pacific region, although they serve the U.S. market through partnerships. Reference fees range from 5 to 7.5%.

Gourmet ads

Make money with your passion for writing groceries through Gourmet ads. The site only displays cooking and nutrition ads and strives to make bloggers make as much money as possible from each page of your site.


PeerFly.com is considered the fastest growing affiliate network program in the world. The program is an activity-specific partnership network with over 2,000 live offers that guarantees the best payments.


Another affiliate program for travel bloggers is Agoda, which allows you to earn up to 60% commission on bookings made on your blog. Members can also use hotel power ads to increase their income three times.


MaxBounty is an efficiency marketing network that connects the market of trusted affiliate distributors with high-paying advertisers. For ads on your site, this affiliate marketing program offers commercialized rewards on a policy basis.


Jane offers opportunities for babies, home products, clothing and other miscellaneous blogs. Available through the ShareSale partner network, Jane can earn 10% rewards.


Another affiliate program for female bloggers, ShopHer allows female bloggers to earn revenue from any business generated from the site. Payments will only be made when at least $ 50 is reached. Payments are made via PayPal or by check.


Pinball is considered an “entrepreneur’s marketplace” for buying and selling websites. This affiliate program includes a user-friendly dashboard with a fast approval process and offers a generous 30% in fees.

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten marketing allows bloggers to partner with well-known brands and earn commissions directly for placing links on their pages. Formerly known as LinkShare, this affiliate program is designed to connect advertisers with bloggers to reach new audiences, drive sales, and generate revenue for publishers.


Chitika allows anyone who generates traffic to their sites to make money. You can embed Chitika ads seamlessly in your content and make money monthly by anyone by clicking on the linked links on your site.


BeautifulDawn allows bloggers to earn a 30% commission on all the customers you refer to its store. Simply place an affiliate banner on BeautifulDawn on your site and if someone makes a purchase by clicking on the banner, you will earn a 30% commission on the sale.

Creative Market

Creative Market lets you purchase digital design products such as fonts, WordPress themes, and vector graphics. You can make money through this program by bringing a 10% sign-up fee for each new customer you get to the site.


ClixGalore is a pay-per-action Affiliate Network that offers a variety of programs such as PPL (pay-per-lead), PPC (Pay-per-click), PPM (pay-per-impression) and PPS (pay-per-impression) ). Several well-known brands use this affiliate program, such as Citibanks and Fox Sports Shop. The program also provides a two-tier network where bloggers can refer to other affiliates online and receive a portion of their revenue.

Reward style

Invite all fashion bloggers. The award style is related to the wide reach of fashion brands and retailers. The site only provides an uninvited commercialization platform for top-notch digital style influencers and brands. Thousands of fashion officials and influencers use the Reward Style to maximize the financial success of their content, whether they are on blogs, social media or mobile devices.


EBates offers bloggers from a wide variety of niche to generate revenue from their affiliate network. The Blogger bonus program means bloggers can earn up to 40% cash back on all purchases that come from your site. Members can also earn by referring other bloggers to EBates.

Amazon Associates

Bloggers can earn up to 10% advertising commissions in this trusted ecommerce leader affiliate program. Affiliates can join Amazon Associates for free and choose from over a million products to advertise to visitors to their websites or blogs.


Invite all pet blog owners. FitBark’s affiliate marketing program allows pet-related blog and website owners to earn commission on the sale of FitBark products through your website or blog. Ideal partners for FiTbark include dog hiking, pet bloggers, veterinarians, dog trainers and more.

Liberty Classroom

Liberty Classroom is a site that focuses on offering courses related to history and economics. If you write a blog related to such topics, you can join the Liberty Classroom affiliate marketing program and earn 50% rewards by promoting your site. When someone signs up for Liberty Classroom through an affiliate link placed on the blog and suspended back after the refund period, you earn 50% of the subscription fee.


ShareASale allows affiliates to earn up to 10% commission on the products and services they advertise on their blog. This affiliate program has an excellent reputation for facilitating payments, quality customer service, and high security.

Omnistar Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is a great choice for affiliates who want to make money from their blog or website. Just add the OSI partner tracking code to your website and you will be given a unique partner URL. Sales made through your url will be rewarded as a reward.


With Shopify, you can earn up to $ 2,000 per customer and the highest commissions on shipments. Simply sign up for this affiliate program and get a special link to share your blog or social media posts. For every customer who logs in through your Shopify link, you earn revenue. Every time you transfer someone to Shopify, you can earn 200 percent of the customer’s subscription fees.

eBay affiliate network

Paid when eBay products sell by sharing a link to your eBay discovery on your blog, website, or Twitter and Facebook feeds. The eBay Affiliate Network provides partners with turnkey tools designed to help members drive traffic to their eBay listing from their blog. You pay for all purchases made from your link.


Food bloggers can take advantage of the Sovrn affiliate program, which offers you a cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) per ad impression for each thousand impressions. Unlike many other affiliate programs, visitors do not have to click on anything in order to make money.

Have you left anything? Let us know if you have experience successfully making money from your blog through an affiliate marketing program.


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