How To Find New Cryptocurrency Listing, Get 100 To 5000% Return In Hours

new crypto currency listing

Hi all, In this blog post we aims to disclose one of the best way to get information about new cryptocurrency listing.Finding new cryptos and early adoption can give you 100 to 5000% return in few hours. This is the strategy which are used by professional crypto traders.

Listing of coins in exchanges can trigger the price upward. The price of the coin goes up if an existing coin is listing in a new exchange. So identifying this opportunity in advance is a smart work. 90% of coin’s price goes up when it getting listed on popular exchanges like Binance, Robinhood etc.

How The Price Of The Coin Increases When It Going To List On A New Exchange?

When a new popular exchange disclose that they are going to list a crypto coin, Then people all over the world buys that coin in other exchanges at existing price. So the trading volume increases and the price also increase. All of us can take the advantages of new listings. The all thing we have to do is identity the new cryptocurrency listing in advance.

How To Find New Cryptocurrency Listing On Binance, Robinhood And Other Exchanges?

There are many ways to find new crypto currency listings. Here we can give two ideas for thaT.

  1. Follow social media pages of popular crypto exchanges (Twitter, Facebook etc.):- All crypto currency exchanges disclose their new listing in their social media pages and news sessions. So take the advantages of that.
  2. ALT FINS :- Alt Fins is an online tool which list all new crypto listings in their Twitter News session. Its a very good and helpuf tool. They share all new listings of all coins and concerned exchange names.

Conclusion: Early adoption of new cryptocurrency listing can give 100 to 5000% profit in few hours. But all new listing cannot influence in price pumping. Its based on the listing currency and its capasity. So research yourself about the coins before trading.


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